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São Paulo School of Advanced Science on Sustainable and Inclusive Amazon (SPSAS)

 Carlos A. Joly

The objective of this SPSAS is to provide young post-docs with a multi and interdisciplinary vision, including the vision of indigenous and traditional populations, of the main problems that have historically hindered sustainable development, conservation, and social inclusion in the Amazon Basin, as well as to discuss the existing alternatives and jointly build new proposals for the solutions to these problems.

The SPSAS Sustainable and Inclusive Amazon will take place from November 21th to December 4th in a Hotel/Resort in the countryside of the State of São Paulo, that allows isolation from the urban and day-to-day hustle, promoting a greater focus and strong interaction between all participants.

The course will be based on lectures, discussions, work groups, and the development of a draft paper with a problem-solving perspective, where groups of students will be challenged to create scenarios for a certain issue/situation, to be defined by each group, or offered by the teachers. Through this challenge, students should develop possible scenarios/visions, indicate what data is required, and what models are available or need to be developed to test the scenarios. Participants will interact with renowned scientists, seeking the solution to the challenges presented in a multidisciplinary and multicultural context.

The program will be divided into 3 main axes:

Axis 1 - The Amazonian territory and its sustainability

Axis 2 - Amazonians as protagonists of biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation

Axis 3 - The Amazon and its inhabitants in harmony with its environment and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Who can apply: SPSAS Amazon is for early career researchers that have earned his/her PhD from 2015 onward. Exceptionally PhD candidates (graduate students, currently registered in the last year of their Doctoral/PhD courses), can also be accepted. We encourage applications from students from different academic disciplines (natural, social, and human sciences, engineering, communication) provided their academic work and study is related to the themes of the school and related topics.

Application deadline: August 31th, 12:00 (GTM-03)

To promote the diversity of the School’s participants, equity in ethnic and gender representation will also be considered.

Expected number of students: 90

  • 15 From the Brazilian Amazon Post Docs/Doctoral candidates who did their undergraduate studies in the Amazon Region.
  • 15 Post Docs/PhD from AMAZONIA COUNTRIES (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, French Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela). 
  • 15 Post Docs/Doctoral Fellows from OTHER REGIONS OF BRAZIL 
  • 30 Post Docs from Institutions from the state of São Paulo (usually FAPESP requires 50% from São Paulo Institutions)
  • 15 Post Docs from OTHER COUNTRIES. 

More information including the full program and how to apply is available at https://spsas-amazonia.biota.org.br/.

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